Newick Village

300 houses on Goldbridge FarmNewick Parish Council and our District Councillor have already received many calls of concern on the news of a proposed 300 house development on this green field pasture farmland, on the north side of Newick. The landowners agents have leafleted parts of the village. There is more on their developers website and an open day by the developer at the Village Hall on Wednesday 29th November 3.00pm – 7.30pm. NPC was approached by the developers for a private meeting but in the interest of transparency it is not NPC policy to engage with developers, especially when it relates to a speculative site. We did however recommend to them that they invite the residents of Newick to an open meeting early on in the process so that they could hear the feedback and thoughts of those living in Newick. They were disappointed with our response but NPC felt it important that the residents can see for themselves the proposed development and be able to put questions to the developer and agent.   

NPC are closely reviewing all the information being released and will be updating the Parish. It is extremely important to have factual data that can be included in any future response we may have make to the Lewes Planning Department.  We really do encourage as many villagers as possible to attend the presentation, please Email the Parish Council your views at  Do you favour such a large development or not?  A brief reason for your decision would be most helpful too.  PLEASE DON’T THINK YOUR VIEWS DON’T COUNT, NPC pushed the developer for this meeting because WE want to hear from as many as possible from you that live here.


Lewes Local Planwith the existing Plan deemed out of date by changed legislation, Lewes DC announced the consultation and released key drafts for the new district Plan, with their assessments of various options for housing. The link for this consultation can be found in the news section of this website.

NPC will be hosting a local consultation event on 6th January at 10am at Newick Community Centre (please note this change of venue) to help everyone understand this significant subject for the district and our village. The LDC consultation will then run to 8th February. Please engage in this process to ensure your views are heard.