Newick Village

Newick Parish Council: 2016 Documents

2016 Agendas

Date Document
31-May-2016 AG Meeting Parish Council
10-May-2016 Planning Agenda May
10-May-2016 Env and Rec May
26-Apr-2016 PC Meeting April
14-Apr-2016 Neighbourhood Plan Wkg Gp
12-Apr-2016 F & GP April
12-Apr-2016 Planning April
29-Mar-2016 PC Council March
23-Feb-2016 PC Council meeting February
09-Feb-2016 Planning February
09-Feb-2016 Env and Rec February
26-Jan-2016 PC Council January
12-Jan-2016 F & GP January
12-Jan-2016 Planning January

2016 Parish Council Minutes

Date Document
13-Dec-2016 Parish Council Meeting 13/12/16
07-Dec-2016 Extraordinary PC Meeting 7th December 2016
29-Nov-2016 PC Meeting 29th November 2016
25-Oct-2016 PC Meeting 25th October 2016
27-Sep-2016 PC Meeting September
30-Aug-2016 PC Meeting August
26-Jul-2016 PC Meeting July
28-Jun-2016 PC Meeting June
31-May-2016 Annual Parish Council Meeting
26-Apr-2016 PC Meeting April
29-Mar-2016 PC Meeting March
23-Feb-2016 PC Meeting February
02-Feb-2016 Extraordinary PC Meeting February
26-Jan-2016 PC Meeting January

2016 F & GP Minutes

Date Document
20-Oct-2016 F & GP Minutes October
12-Jul-2016 F & GP July
12-Apr-2016 F & GP Minutes April
12-Jan-2016 F & GP Minutes January