Newick Village

Parish Councillors

Chris Armitage
Chair of the Parish Council
Roles: Planning, Environment & Recreation.
Brian Hodge
Vice Chair of the Parish Council
Roles: Planning
Brian Deacon
Roles: Vice Chair of Finance & General Purposes. Environment & Recreation. Planning
Cathy Wickens
Roles: Vice Chair of Environment & Recreation. Chair of Planning.
Jane Wheeler
Tom Whitlock
David Marchant
Roles: Chair of Finance and General Purposes. Environment & Recreation.
Alan Sippetts
Roles: Environment & Recreation Committee. Vice Chair of Planning.
Melanie Thew
Roles: Planning. Chair of Environment and Recreation.
Bronja Whitlock


Lewes District Council's "Town and Parish Council" Page

(including access to Newick Parish Councillors' Declarations of Interest)



Clerk to the Council, District and County Councillors

Emma Reece, Clerk to the Council
Emma Reece
Clerk to the Council
07521 511643
Email Emma Reece
Charlotte Keenan, District Councillor
Charlotte Keenan
District Councillor
07899 995188
Email Charlotte Keenan
Matthew Milligan, East Sussex County Councillor for Chailey Division
Matthew Milligan
East Sussex County Councillor for Chailey Division
Email Matthew Milligan